Course curriculum

Create a New Reality for Yourself

Learn practical techniques to overcome the agony of indecision.

  • 25 Instructional Videos

    The teachings and techniques described in my book Decision Dexterity are available in 25 high-quality instructional videos. Each with closed caption option, downloadable MP3, and transcript.

  • Downloadable Worksheets

    Based on my career in facilitating decisions, I've created reusable worksheets and reference guides that are simple to use. Use these tools as the ultimate cheat sheet when facing complex transformative decisions.

  • Build Decision Dexterity

    Before and after self-assessment, daily affirmation and intuition bench-marking cards, coloring meditation, decision journey milestone chart - encourage you as you build confidence and dexterity in your decision-making.

"Tools you can use to get to a place of choice"

- Svetlana Whitener, Forbes contributor and emotional intelligence coach