Course curriculum

  • 1

    Is this course right for me?

  • 2

    System of decision making

    • What is a process?

    • Should I decide based on gut feeling?

    • Build your buddhi - historic decision analysis

    • Quiz : system of decision making

  • 3

    Decision making traps

    • Decide from a position of choice

    • Cognitive illusions

    • Quiz: decision making traps

  • 4

    Build a bias busting toolkit

    • Think-Feel-Choose-Act

    • Inventory your bias busting toolkit

    • What does a decision coach do?

    • Quiz: bias busting toolkit

    • Decision coach checklist

  • 5

    Define your self-knowledge baseline

    • What is a good decision?

    • Define my problem and success

    • Problem definition in 20 questions

    • Create a vision of success

    • What do I believe?

    • Impact and preference discovery

    • Write your credo

    • What's my attitude?

    • Quiz: what is a good decision?

    • 12 Symptoms of a flawed decision

  • 6

    Cultivate intuition and trust

  • 7

    Vet options and make a plan

    • How to vet options

    • Track and vet solution options

    • Plan, measure progress, and course correct

    • Create a simple plan

    • Why you must do quality reviews

    • Identify risks with your decision

    • 12 Question Quality Review

    • Say thank you

    • Quiz: vet options and make a plan

  • 8

    Own your decision

    • How to own the results and make course corrections

    • Quiz: own your decision

  • 9

    The art of being a decision doula

    • When you decide for a loved one

    • Teach kids decision making skills

    • Explore choice with kids

    • Quiz: be a decision doula

  • 10

    Inventory your new skills

    • Inventory your new skills

    • What are my new decision skills?

    • Did my decision dexterity improve?

    • Resource library

    • Resource Library

    • References

    • Fortune teller

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  • Building decision dexterity

    Online quizzes, before and after self-assessment, daily affirmation and intuition bench-marking cards, printable coloring meditation and decision journey poster - all of these are available to encourage you as you build confidence and dexterity in your decision making.

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